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Bespoke reports

Are you looking for data on a specific area of Formula One business or need research that is specifically tailored to your project? We offer a wide range of bespoke research services.

We have data covering almost every aspect of the F1 industry from commercial rights to team budgets to circuit values to sponsorship. We also offer consultancy on the business of F1. We have worked with a wide range of organisations, including investors, sponsors, teams, race promoters, sponsorship agencies, driver managers and media organisations.

For a non-exhaustive list showing examples of the types of data report that we can compile, click here We can create reports which combine sections of data mentioned here and include other research on the business of F1.

Below are some examples of reports that we have created in the past for clients. If you are interested in a similar report or any other data, please email Caroline Reid at

1. The Business of F1
An introduction to the figures that drive Formula One’s commercial rights revenues. With data going back over a decade the report focusses on Formula One’s three main revenue streams – race hosting fees, broadcast rights and sponsorship – as well as touching on smaller revenue sources such as hospitality, digital and junior series. Further sections look at the flow of money within the sport and the extent of its global appeal. This report is ideal for investors in FWONK and anyone else wanting to understand how the business behind the sport works.

2. Formula One Team Budgets
A look at what powers the teams to their multi million dollar annual budgets. The report breaks down all the main Formula One team revenue streams – including prize money, sponsorship and team owner spending – focussing on the most recent full year of available data. It highlights the differences in budget between the biggest and smallest teams and shows which teams are most reliant on which sources of revenue. This report is ideal not only for those looking to invest in a team but also for anyone wanting to better understand the F1 team business models.

3. The Business of Races
A guide to the costs and benefits of hosting a Grand Prix. This report looks at why countries want to host F1, what it costs them and the benefits they get. It breaks down example race budgets and highlights the costs of putting on the F1 show. This report is ideal for anyone thinking