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Grand Prix Attendance Report

The Grand Prix Attendance Report is a specialist research report that reviews Formula One attendance and ticket prices over the past decade.

Now in its third edition, the report accumulates 10 years of research by Formula Money’s experts, analysing the data to identify the key trends affecting race attendance over that period. This makes it an invaluable resource for existing and potential Grand Prix hosts and other F1 stakeholders.

It is the only report to provide a complete set of F1 attendance data over the past decade, breaking down attendance for practice, qualifying and race day of every Grand Prix since 2008. Further data shows ticket prices and revenues over the period and there is detailed analysis of the fortunes of every race – giving the reader the complete picture of F1 attendance, showing which races are performing well and which are struggling.

The report contains almost 150 pages of data and analysis, including:

  • Attendance data for every day of every F1 Grand Prix over the decade to 2017.
  • The highest and lowest ticket prices for each Grand Prix over the decade.
  • Estimated ticket revenues for each race over the 10-year period.
  • Rankings of the most visited races of the period and the races with the highest cumulative attendance.
  • Introduction to each Grand Prix highlighting trends and identifying key data.
  • Race In Focus box-outs pinpoint important data and trends not covered by the main sections of the report, looking at areas such as demographics and long-term attendance patterns.
  • Comparison of ticket prices and race hosting fees over the decade to reveal the relationship between the figures.
  • Return on investment ranking shows which circuits attract the most spectators compared to the hosting fee that they pay.

For further information, please read our press release and the detailed breakdown of contents

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